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Frequently Asked Questions

The objectives of the Digital Marketing Agency Company is to help your business be known by your prospective customers, so that you will get increased sales, product / service recognition / brand awareness, and other information that you want to disseminate to the public.

If you have a business, you have to do digital marketing. Arfadia specializes in 360° Marketing Campaigns Integrated with Experiences of Communication Strategies and Information Dissemination on various Channels / media both online and offline

Digital Marketing Agency Company offer the following services:

  • Analyze and Evaluate Your Business and Competitors
  • Developing Strategies & Objectives
  • Implementation and Maintenance To Achieve Objectives
  • Periodic Reports

Arfadia is the Leading Digital Marketing Agency in Indonesia - consistently delivering transformational growth to customers. Arfadia has won many awards and obtained many certifications from both National and International.

We have a different method than other companies. The Arfadia Team has years of experience in this industry and has a proven track record of successful results.

The Great Digital Marketing Agency - Arfadia, acts as a long-term partner in your success. Arfadia is flexible, creative, adapts to new technology, results oriented, certified, and very experienced. Arfadia does not have a one strategy approach for all businesses - but Arfadia will spend time analyzing and building a strategic plan that is suitable for your business.

Why Are We The Best ?

  1. Arfadia know how to structure the strategy in time and content: If the management of the brand image of the different online marketing strategies is left in the hands of a professional, it will be possible to correctly manage both the way in which you want to relate to potential clients. How to publish or comment on posts or post both on the website and on social networks. It is important not to leave aside the issue of positioning as a professional can communicate if the web is poorly positioned or penalized by Google. It is necessary that marketing strategies are always personalized according to the claims of the brand image that the company may have.
  2. Tools and resources: Our Team know how to correctly use tools such as Search Console, Analytics, among others. Knowing how to correctly use the tools that exist to manage and know the ROI of online marketing strategies can save time and money, as well as providing numerous benefits.
  3. Experience: As in the previous point, hiring a digital marketing agency Jakarta brings the professional experience of working every day with the tools and knowing the actions of the competition, in the same way that favors the realization of professional reports, personalized methods for the analysis of the competition, techniques applied in other companies whose application has been successful for that market.
  4. Customized strategy: When you leave the contract in an amateur and not in the hands of professionals you can fall into the error of improperly managing social networks, positioning or the creation and maintenance of a web page or virtual store.
  5. Being up to date: Everyone knows that in the world of new technologies the advances are constant and staying behind can have a considerable impact on the success of online marketing actions.

Yes. Reputation Management reacts to bad reviews or competitors who will use negative marketing tactics. Online Reputation Marketing takes a proactive approach to building your brand and holding on to your market. We do this by increasing messages in news media, social media, videos and positive reviews on Google to display the exceptional service you provide to your customers. When people search your business on the internet, they will see all your satisfied customers listed on the top page of Google and Social Media. Arfadia has a lot of experience in this.

  • Communication Strategy
  • Digital Blueprint Strategy
  • Channel Strategy (360 degree)
  • Content Pillar
  • Visual Style and Guideline
  • Campaign Theme
  • Digital Activity (with Influencer)
  • Visibility In Social Media
  • KOL / Influencer Marketing Activity
  • Search Engine Optimization All In One (Google Search Domination)
  • Google Maps Optimization and Local Citation
  • Online Reputation Marketing
  • Article (Content Marketing) Production
  • Graphic / Motion Design
  • Media Press Release, Distribution, and Monitoring
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Native Advertising
  • Social Media Maintenance, Campaign and Advertising
  • Data Management Platform (DMP)
  • Video Marketing Production and Distribution
  • Interactive Video (HTML5) Production
  • Web Design
  • E-Learning and LMS Procuduction

Head Office : Raudha Building 2nd Floor. JL. Kuningan Barat II No. 21, Mampang Prapatan. Jakarta Selatan, 12710, Indonesia.

Bandung Office : Jl. Rajawali Barat No.77A, Garuda, Kec. Andir, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40184, Indonesia.

Tujuan dari Perusahaan Digital Agency adalah untuk membantu Bisnis Anda dikenal oleh calon pelanggan Anda, sehingga Anda akan memperoleh peningkatan penjualan, pengenalan produk / jasa (brand awareness, dan informasi lainnya yang ingin Anda sebarluaskan ke masyarakat.

Jika Anda memiliki bisnis, Anda harus melakukan pemasaran digital. Arfadia memiliki spesialisasi Marketing Campaign 360° yang Terintegrasi dengan Pengalaman Strategi Komunikasi dan Penyebaran Informasi di berbagai Channel / Media baik online maupun offline

Perusahaan Digital Agency menawarkan layanan berikut:

  • Analisis dan Evaluasi Bisnis Anda dan Kompetitor
  • Mengembangkan Strategi & Tujuan
  • Implementasi dan Pemeliharaan Untuk Mencapai Tujuan
  • Laporan Secara Berkala

Arfadia adalah Digital Marketing Agency Terkemuka di Indonesia - secara konsisten memberikan pertumbuhan transformasional kepada pelanggan. Arfadia telah memenangkan banyak penghargaan dan memperoleh banyak sertifikasi baik dari Nasional maupun Internasional.

Kami memiliki cara yang berbeda dengan yang dilakukan Perusahaan Lain. Tim Arfadia memiliki pengalaman bertahun-tahun di industri ini dan telah memiliki rekam jejak yang terbukti dari hasil yang sukses.

Salah satu strategi pemasaran online Arfadia adalah membuat bisnis Anda mendominasi di Halaman 1 Google ketika calon pelanggan Anda mencari kebutuhan dari produk / jasa Anda. Kami membawa visibilitas di Halaman 1 Google secara dominan (minimal 3 halaman website) yang berisi tentang Bisnis Anda, baik itu Website Anda, Sosial Media, Media Berita, Google Bisnis (Google Maps), Blog, atau Video Youtube Anda yang akan mengalahkan kompetitor Anda, Kami akan mencapai 'Google Search Domination' untuk Bisnis Anda, sehingga semua informasi terkait produk / jasa Anda baik itu berupa review, testimonial, tempat / lokasi penjualan, profil, dan informasi lainnya yang positif akan kami optimasi.

Perusahaan Digital Marketing Agency Hebat Arfadia bertindak sebagai mitra jangka panjang dalam kesuksesan Anda. Arfadia fleksibel, kreatif, beradaptasi terhadap kemajuan teknologi, berorientasi pada hasil, bersertifikasi, dan sangat berpengalaman. Arfadia tidak memiliki pendekatan satu strategi untuk semua bisnis – namun Arfadia akan menghabiskan waktu untuk menganalisa dan membangun rencana strategi yang cocok untuk Bisnis Anda.

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PT. Arfadia Digital Indonesia

Raudha Building 2nd Floor.

JL. Kuningan Barat II No. 21, Mampang Prapatan.

Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta, 12710, Indonesia.

Phone : +628118867897

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E-mail : [email protected]

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